Coastal Drone Operations 1 (Fall Class Schedule)


“Operations” classes have a lecture, lab and field session and are scheduled for Fridays starting at 8am.  An aviation field trip is planned and two full sessions of aviation project proposal writing and delivery are scheduled for early December. The curriculum for “operations” appears below.

Lecture: This course introduces students to UAS operations using Phantom quadcopter and fixed winged platforms, sensors and terminology. Continues to explores integration and application of UAS resources in United States airspace. Focuses on building and executing simulated operations in a non- combative environment. Content includes second half of Part 107 ground school instruction. Lab: Student teams are issued commercial grade drones which are used to create orthophoto, topographic, vegetation, and 3D aerial maps while following lesson plans in radio communications, performance, physiological factors, decision making, airport operations, maintenance and preflight procedures.

Author: Dr. Chuck Getter

Coastal Drone Academy Program Manager and a teacher at Career Tech Charter High School in Lincoln City Oregon

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