Introduction to Coastal Drones 1 (Fall Class Schedule)

Career Tech HS students and drone crew chief flying obstacle course with Phantom 3 at Lincoln City ball park

“Intro” classes have a lecture, lab and field session and are scheduled for Mondays starting at 8am. This class starts with a nationally recognized curriculum called the Unmanned Safety Institute Safety Course. In addition we teach our own introductory course curriculum whichis provided below.

IMG-0967Curriculum: Lecture: This course introduces students to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and surveys current UAS platforms, sensors, terminology, challenges to integrating UAS to the national airspace system and operations under FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations for small unmanned aircraft (Part 107). Content includes first half of Part 107 ground school instruction. Lab: Students are issued an RTF (ready to fly) drone trainer and learn to fly them using lesson plans in airspace, weather, performance, loading, emergency procedures, and crew resource management; A module is being prepared allowing student to build their own drone and fly it. Field: Field trips are planned to an airport, a tower, a flight museum, and a flight service center. All other field hours are dedicated to flying drones and building logged hours.

Registering drones with FAA

Author: Dr. Chuck Getter

Coastal Drone Academy Program Manager and a teacher at Career Tech Charter High School in Lincoln City Oregon

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