Interviews for Coastal Drone Academy


Programming drone 2Interviews are held in August for the year’s cohort of pilots. A second round of interviews takes place in January for filling empty positions.

Introduction to Coastal Drones course is where most students start. If you have experience with flying drones your may want to apply for Coastal Drone Operations. Only 6 students will be accepted for each class. A list of backups will be maintained.

Criteria for acceptance in the program include:

  1. Interviews focus on finding students for specific skill development and who would contribute most to our ongoing missions and projects.
  2. Computer skills are needed as the basis for learning to fly using tablets, and doing programing of drones using laptops.
  3. Camera and film making skills are a bonus.
  4. Equipment care and maintenance will emphasized since students will be issued expensive electronics for the course.
  5. Emphasis will be made on attendance, since sessions are only once a week and material is cumulative. Unexcused absences result in removal from the course and assignment of your drone and tablet to a student from the waiting lists.
  6. The greatest emphasis is on a student’s work ethic, and ability to convert skills into accomplishments.




Author: Dr. Chuck Getter

Coastal Drone Academy Program Manager and a teacher at Career Tech Charter High School in Lincoln City Oregon

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