Advanced Coastal Drone Missions 1 (Fall Term)

Our pilots with the most logged hours are assigned the task of carrying out two kinds of mission, wildlife surveys hoping to help prominent local fisheries and wildlife researchers and mapping.  DroneDeploy Figure


There are four levels of mapping illustrated here starting with a “Fast Aerial View”.  Students in Advanced Coastal Drone Missions carry these our since they have made top grades in prerequisite sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) courses.

This course introduces students to advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) mission planning and operation, as they progress to higher level simulation and mission planning/ execution. Lab/Field: Student teams launch, recover and maintain advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems. Current projects are underway and planned in coastal erosion, estuarine mapping, salmon spawning grounds mapping, coastal forestry, and construction management mapping. Some of our advanced coastal drone missions are shown here:




Author: Dr. Chuck Getter

Coastal Drone Academy Program Manager and a teacher at Career Tech Charter High School in Lincoln City Oregon

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