Almost 3 million commercial drones are coming……

…… and commercial drone pilots are now needed in our region. On the Oregon coast our main income source (not associated with the seasonal tourist trade) is from the marine service sector, which is beginning to use drones in a big way.


Here on the Oregon coast is a national center of marine research with NOAA, OSU/Hatfield Center, and Oregon Fish and Wildlife that have based their coastal and nearshore research efforts.

noaaosu hatfield 1odfw

Our 9th – 12th grade students at Career Tech Charter High School are partnering and collaborating with some of the researchers at these institutions. These scientists have become our teachers while we work side-by-side with them doing marine research, including:

  • Monitoring protected and endangered marine species and their habitats
  • Supporting assessments of fisheries stocks and habitat assessments
  • Monitoring effects of climate change, coastal erosion and sea level rise
  • Monitoring sea grass and marsh health




Author: Dr. Chuck Getter

Coastal Drone Academy Program Manager and a teacher at Career Tech Charter High School in Lincoln City Oregon

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